Whether you are an audiophile, tech junkie, or a regular Joe, we understand there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your home’s audio. That’s why, at perk-it, we work with you to design a customized solution that’s tailored to you and your home. While we will help provide you product recommendations based on our experience and expertise, we’re simply here to help you choose, install, and configure whichever devices you prefer.


Home Audio Services in Utah

home audio installation

new Installations

Each whole-home audio installation in Utah is custom designed to best fit your needs, budget, and home’s layout.

We will work with your contractors and you on new home builds, home renovations, or single room projects.

audio system repair in utah


We understand the importance of keeping your existing audio system working like the day you installed it. We can repair or replace anything from speakers, wiring, amplifiers, projectors or screens. We will work to get to your location as soon as possible for needed repairs and can ensure your system will continue to run without problems.

multi-room audio design

Consultations & Design

We work with homes of all types, sizes, and layouts, designing the best setup for you.

Whether you are starting from scratch with a new home build, updating your current home, or designing the best layout for speakers in your condo, we can help you design your multi-room audio.


Premium-Quality Speakers


Multi-Room Audio Solutions


in-wall & Architectural Speakers

Whether you want standing speakers that look as good as they sound, speakers that look as modern as your home, or hidden speakers we have you covered.

outdoor & Shower Systems

Everything from hidden rock speakers, adding your patio as a zone, or installing waterproof speakers into your steam shower, we can do it all.

wireless Speakers & SYSTEMS

Don’t want to run speaker wire in your walls? Quickly and conveniently integrate audio to multiple rooms throughout your home using wireless systems.


home theater Audio

Tie your home theater into your whole-home audio system letting you broadcast what's playing on your TV throughout your home so you never miss a thing.

Centralized Control

Independently play different music or audio from your favorite show into any room, quickly group areas or change volume, all from one physical remote, tablet or phone.

SMart Home Integration

Let your speakers act as an extension of your smoke alarms, play your favorite song when you unlock your smart lock, or talk a family member in another room using an intercom system.


Listen Your Way

Each room in your home has its own design and feel
and so should its audio. Tailor each room’s
audio with multi-zone control giving each a
unique sound.


Control Music in Any Room from Your Phone…

Easily access your favorite bands and podcasts and play them throughout your home, straight from your phone tablet or any streaming service.

whole-house audio iphone app sonos
security system training

Or With Voice Command

Seamlessly play music from your phone’s library, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and more on any speaker or group of speakers in your home by simply using your voice. Whether it’s “Ok Google, play Dave Mathew’s Band in the kitchen”, or “Alexa, turn the music down in my office”, your home’s audio is at your ever command.


A Smarter Home

Want more comfort, convenience, and peace of mind?
A whole-home audio system is just one piece of the puzzle.
Seamlessly connect your audio system with the rest of
your home’s technology.


Who We Are

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, our team of experts has over ten years of experience in the technology sector. We are experts in outsourced IThome networkinghome automationsecurity systems, home theaters, whole-home audio installation and wiring, and more. Our comprehensive background allows us to handle entire projects, from start to finish, reducing multiple-party involvement and reducing costs. 

We do it all. Whether you are renovating your home, building a new home, or just want to update your home’s speaker system, we can provide you with the support you need all in one place.


Why perk-it?

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Fully-Customized Solutions

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