In this day and age, we consider the internet to be a basic service like all basic services shouldn’t it consistently function correctly? If you’re experiencing lagging, delayed, or dropped connections, it’s probably time to update your home network.

A robust home network is crucial to properly supporting all of your smart devices. Without dependable internet and network access, your home’s technology won’t reliably operate.

Whether you are looking for phone, HDMI, cable, ethernet, or home network cabling and wiring installation in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah, remote access solutions, or media and file sharing options, our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution for your home.


Home Networking Services in Utah

home networking setup

home network cabling & wiring installation

The heart of your home’s technology, your home’s network is essential to the interaction and communication of all your smart devices, including network printers, security systems, smart lighting, whole-home audio, and more. At perk-it, we can build your network to handle all your smart devices increasing efficiency, organization, accessibility, and cost savings.

home wifi setup utah

wifi Signal Coverage

Nothing is more frustrating than having to move throughout your home and yard to find the perfect location for a reliable connection. At perk-it, we can Increase the coverage and reliability of your home's WiFi, providing you with consistent working coverage throughout your entire home and yard.

remote network access

remote access solutions

Ever tried to help your parents, who live across the country, figure out why their computer isn’t working correctly? Or spent all night preparing for a presentation and later realize you left the file on your home computer? At perk-it, we can enable your computer to let you remotely access and control your home computer and other smart devices from anywhere.

file and media sharing

Media, Audio & File Sharing

Whether it’s the latest song from your favorite band, photos from your last family vacation, or 2018 tax returns, any digital asset can be just one-click away by connecting multiple devices within your home network. We can help you get the most out of your home network setup, increasing productivity, organization, and accessibility of all your media and files.


A Smarter
Home Network

Want more comfort, convenience, and peace of mind from
your living space? Your home network is just one piece of the puzzle.


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With over ten years of experience in the technology sector, we are experts in business IT, home network cabling and wiring installation, cloud solutions, smart home automation, home theaters, whole-home audio, security systems, and more. Our comprehensive background lets us handle entire projects from start to finish, reducing multiple-party involvement and cost.

We do it all. Whether you are renovating your home, building a new one, or just looking to update your home, we provide the support you need all in one place.


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