Whether you are a small or medium-sized business needing full outsourced IT services, IT consulting to help you plan and budget, or IT support to keep your business running smoothly, we believe you should never have to wonder what’s next when it comes to your technology needs. At perk-it, we offer long and short-term managed business IT services in Utah for small or medium-sized companies. Along with IT consulting for businesses of all sizes.


Outsourced IT Services in Utah


troubleshooting & maintenance

Is your wireless network not responding? Maybe three of your workstations crash when running a specific program?

When IT problems pop-up, the only thing on your mind is how fast can you get someone to fix it. At perk-it, we offer troubleshooting for pop-up problems as well as preventative maintenance to keep your business’s network running smoothly. We can assist you with everything from software troubleshooting, hardware repair, server and network troubleshooting, cabling, data recovery, and more.


mobile device management

Worried about controlling and protecting more than just your computers? Without mobile device management (MDM), devices cannot be secured or efficiently controlled. Fortunately, centralized MDM over Phones, Tablets, and netbooks has never been simpler. MDM solutions protect and control the data and settings for any mobile device in your businesses network, whether it's a personal or company-owned device. Let our team help you find a solution that meets your individual needs. Whether it's configuring profiles for Wi-Fi, VPNs and data access, remotely monitoring and troubleshooting mobile devices, managing applications, pushing updates, or tracking locations and control access, we will work alongside you to find the right solution.


Backup & Data Recovery

What would be your downtime in the event of a loss? Using industry-leading backup systems can keep your business from being put on hold. As a business priority, let us minimize both data loss and the downtime that comes with restoring it. Our backup and disaster recovery plans include workstations, server and hard drive backups, local and cloud-based options, recovery strategies, and business continuity plans. And in the event of actual data loss, we offer a variety of data an and file recovery services.


Network & Data Security

Cybersecurity technology for your business has never been more important. Threats against your data come from more sources than ever. We have partnered with leaders in IT security software and hardware to bring you the best security options possible. Whether it’s ransomware protection, anti-virus software, data encryption, robust firewalls, or employee training, we can provide the technology to safeguard your business.


Network Design & consulting

Keeping your organization running smoothly requires building and maintaining a robust network, enabling smooth operations and scalable growth. Perk-it can design the network you need, whether your business is small or large, in-house or mobile. Your network should be designed to work for you, not the other way around. We assess, design, implement and maintain networks that process data quickly and efficiently. With perk-it, you can rely on our processes, people, and technology to provide networking solutions designed to deliver results for your business.


Remotely managed it & Monitoring

Remote support from perk-it allows business to receive high-quality IT support from just a phone call away. Services can be requested on both a one-off basis for a more affordable option or as a full-time service as a more preventative option.

For those interested in full-time services, our full-time monitoring services include patch and application deployment, update management, 24/7 system monitoring, proactive alerting with remediation, routine site visits to check physical devices, and short-term loaner workstations.