all Cloud Computing Services from perk-it are scalable, tailor-made, and affordable.

With cloud solutions from perk-it, maintaining your IT has never been simpler. Harness the power of the internet to increase efficiency and enhance communication. Your technology, software, and applications can all be hosted, eliminating the cost of investing in hardware, buying new software, and spending extra time on employee training. We offer a wide range of cloud solutions from mobile device management, web hosting, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, file sharing, application hosting, remotely managed hardware and more. Cloud computing services from perk-it are scalable, tailor-made and affordable, saving you money, eliminating headaches, and letting you focus on your business.


Cloud Computing Services

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Centralized mobile device management over iPhones, Tablets, and netbooks has never been simpler. Let our team help you configure profiles to enact policies for Wi-Fi, VPNs and data access, remotely control, view and troubleshoot mobile devices, manage applications and updates running on devices with volume app deployment, and track locations and control access, including the ability to lock down or wipe devices quickly.

Cloud Computing Service

Web hosting services

Whether you currently host your website onsite or somewhere online, we can consolidate your web hosting, domain ownership, namespace servers, and other domain-related purchases, such as email, into one easy-to-manage location. Let us move your website to an up-to-date platform that fits all current standard for traditional and mobile viewing. We can make your website secure, load efficiently, conform to SEO best practices, support e-commerce and more, all while being accessible by in-house employees who want to edit content or make design changes.

Cloud Computing Service

Office 365 & Email solutions

Today, business doesn't always take place in an office. Your team is constantly on the go, meaning they need to securely access documents and data to stay productive. To keep your business running efficiently, we can help you upgrade your email hosting, connect calendars, encrypt messages, and filter out unwanted spam. With Office 365, you will also be able to take advantage of electronic document signing, document collaboration, and appointments, all while easily adding users, control access, and tracking usage.

Cloud Computing Solution

Microsoft Azure & ad online

Microsoft Azure cloud computing service was developed to build, test, deploy, and manage applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. As a hybrid cloud solution, it delivers the best the cloud has to offer while preserving the security and control of a local network. We will take advantage of virtual machines, app services, SQL database hosting, Azure backups, and Azure active directory to sync on-premise directories host your services and manage full-system backups.

File Sharing Service

File sharing & application hosting

Leverage one of many cloud services to store, share, and backup your files with access anywhere you need it and quick security control to ensure only the employees that need access have access. We can help you set up collaboration services such as Microsoft Sharepoint, and Microsoft Azure or simpler services such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Documents.

Not only can your files be hosted online, but a wide variety of web-based applications can give you access to edit your data anywhere or anytime. Perk-it can set you up with clients and host an ever-changing library of applications directly on the cloud. Allowing you to easily upgrade, avoid workstation installations, and save money on physical client machines.

Remote Monitoring

remote monitoring & management

Remote monitoring and management should be a long-term priority for any businesses IT strategy. It can be used to prevent disasters from hitting your network saving your business from downtime, which is incredibly costly. Remote monitoring and management prevent your company from experiencing issues that can otherwise be avoided. When we monitor your system, you get better protection against threats, reduced costs, and huge improvements in productivity. With remote monitoring and management, your IT department can take advantage of their extra time while we monitor everything from firewalls, email, servers, workstations, malicious attacks, network traffic, and mobile devices.


We've listed the most common cloud solutions above. However, if you are needing a service not listed, please give us a call for a custom solution that will better fit your business's needs.